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Through the guidance of great mentors, hard work and strive, I became Vice President and Regional Manager at a top ranking Fortune 500 company in my mid twenties. A marathon runner and lover of food, I want to share the learnings that have helped me succeed in corporate America while achieving work-life balance. While my experiences are viewed from a Latina lens, the tips found here can benefit any young professional. I will share what I am working on and what is currently challenging me to think, grow, and adapt.

My posts generally focus on the following topics:

Communication Pro: I will share tips and guidance on communicating like a pro including e-mail etiquette and presentation tips.

Work It:  There is no better way to have a positive attitude at work than with extra endorphins.  I will share ways to stay in shape, tell you about fun races coming up and share with you what trails I've hiked.

Sabor:  I am learning to add sabor—flavor—into my cooking. I will share with you recipes I am mastering as a way to connect with my Mexican roots. I will also share good eats around LA. If it's got sabor, I will share it!

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